Mantle Support Services

Mantle is our award winning, integrated Defined Benefit (DB) pension scheme administration and actuarial valuation system.

It provides trustees, scheme sponsors, and their advisers with accurate, live valuations of a scheme’s funding position and a full suite of automated administrative tools. As a web-based application, Mantle offers users the freedom and control to implement the system as they wish. At Veratta, we offer a complete range of system administration and support services, covering all aspects of Mantle, to ensure that our customers have everything they need to make full use of Mantle’s enhanced scheme management capabilities.

Full details of Mantle’s cutting edge functionality can be found here.

Providing The Technical Expertise to Realise Your Operational Goals

Through our Mantle data service, we can maximise the power and flexibility that Mantle provides to you. We offer a service tailored to meet your individual needs, from supplementary technical support and training to the provision of full data management services
Training and Support
We can train your key staff on all aspects of Mantle, from system configuration, to basic end user interaction. We can assist with the development of internal process and control documentation to support your staff, and provide ongoing technical support to help your organisation deal with any changes to your scheme’s administrative requirements.

Data and Calculation Implementation
We can reduce the complexity and risk surrounding your scheme’s initial data migration and facilitate the set up of benefit calculations, presenting you with an automated and fully functional administration and actuarial valuation system that is easy to use and straightforward to maintain.
Bulk Data Updates and Calculation Changes
We can manage all bulk data updates to your scheme whether they occur on an ad hoc basis or at regular intervals. We adhere to best practice for all data management processes, ensuring that data updates are completely reconciled and calculation changes are fully tested, providing you with confidence in your day-to-day operations.
Data Rectification Exercises
Mantle automatically performs data and benefit audit validation checks and reports on them in real time. We can apply our expertise in technical pensions administration to complete rectification exercises based upon your scheme’s needs, ensuring that your scheme meets the Pension Regulator’s data quality standards and improving the accuracy and efficiency of the service that you provide to your members.
Operational Cover
We can provide continuity of service to your scheme’s members by providing seamless cover for your pensions administration staff during periods of leave. We pick up all routine administration activities and member interactions, as well as the management of specialised, ongoing projects.
All of our work processes conform to the best information security standards to ensure that your scheme’s data remains secure and confidential. Listening to our clients and putting their needs first is at the centre of what we do.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you to deliver the best outcome for your scheme and its members.