Media Contacts

Veratta aims to provide the media with readily contactable spokespersons to provide information about Veratta and its activities and our views of actuarial, data management, and pensions industry IT and software developments.

To ensure journalists receive accurate and timely updates about what we are doing, we encourage them to subscribe for our RSS feed.

Our media relations team is available to answer enquiries from journalists on a 24/7 basis and the relevant contact details are shown below:

Brian Spence

Brian Spence is available to discuss all aspects of the pensions industry and any queries relating to Veratta.

Mobile: 07802 403013


Monica Cope

Monica Cope is available to discuss information management, data security, data rectification, GMP reconciliations and any queries relating to Veratta.



Susan McFarlane

Susan McFarlane is available to provide any background material, images or general support to journalists.

Mobile: 07502 954694

DDI: 020 3691 2946


Please note, these contact details are for media professionals. For general enquiries, please visit our Contact page for further assistance.