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    Pension scheme data audit - making it all worthwhile

    Does your pension scheme have accurate, automated benefit calculations? Does your pension scheme have a functioning member portal? Are your pension scheme administration processes as efficient as they could be? In order to get a good handle on t ..

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    Pension scheme record-keeping: Conditional data will set you free

    I do not mean to be all evangelical or anything, but I do seem to end up banging on about the need for better pensions data management practices far more than seems reasonable or necessary. I wrote my first blog ( ..

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    Why can’t I manage my pensions online?

    With demand for pension scheme member engagement at an all time high, the time has never been better to capitalise on the current public interest in pensions by giving easy access to pensions information and advice. However, consensus is still b ..

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    Pension Scheme Process Automation and the Art of Efficiency

    Going through the process of reviewing functional system requirements for pension scheme administration software can be a bewildering experience. So often I am confronted by a functional requirement that makes me ask “why is that even in th ..

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    Open world design - The saviour of pension scheme administration?

    The computer game, Minecraft is something of a cultural phenomenon. It has inspired YouTube channels, global conventions, Lego sets, a film, and even a religion ( The success of Minecraft can be attributed i ..

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    Learn to Love your GMP Reconciliation Exercise

    There is a real sense in the pensions world, that many custodians of pension schemes are being dragged kicking and screaming into the completion of their pension schemes’ GMP reconciliation exercises. It’s understandable in a way. If  ..

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