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    BDO signs up to Mantle®

    By Monica Cope on Monday, July 13, 2015

    Veratta, the specialist pensions data management and software firm, today announced that accountancy firm BDO has signed up to use their award-winning* actuarial and pension scheme administration software, Mantle*, for its Pension Business Advisory service.  Mantle is a proprietary pension scheme administration and actuarial valuation system that provides accurate, daily actuarial valuations, and fully automated administration processing in a single integrated system.

    Monica Cope, Chief Operating Officer at Veratta said; “The UK pensions administration market is, still, extremely fragmented, with a significant number of Defined Benefit schemes administered and managed across many different, dated, and often incompatible platforms and technologies.  These incompatibilities lead to a fundamental deterioration in the integrity of the data used in actuarial valuations, as well as costly and potentially risky data transfer processes during actuarial exercises.  Mantle allows organisations, such as BDO, to empower their clients, providing them with the necessary real time data for quicker decision making and allowing them to take advantage of changes in funding positions – essentially enabling them to truly take hold of the reins of their schemes.  We are very pleased to be working with BDO at this stage in our business development.”

    Richard Farr, Partner at BDO said; “Monitoring defined benefit funding levels in real-time and taking immediate action is vital to the successful management of small to medium sized schemes.  We found that Mantle was the only system that was able to deliver a single platform for scheme data and liability information, setting it apart from the competition.  We will be using Mantle to provide actuarial analysis and real time pension scheme monitoring to our clients, allowing them to take control of their pension scheme funding position. We strongly believe this will really enhance our service offering and ultimately and most importantly deliver better outcomes for our clients.”

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