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    Learn to Love your GMP Reconciliation Exercise

    There is a real sense in the pensions world, that many custodians of pension schemes are being dragged kicking and screaming into the completion of their pension schemes’ GMP reconciliation exercises. It’s understandable in a way. If  ..

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    A Guide to the GMP Reconciliation Guidance

    With the publication of the Pensions Administration Standards Association’s (PASA) second tranche of guidance on GMP reconciliations, it is judgement day for my own attempt at a benchmarking checklist for the process (/news/a-contracted-out-rec ..

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    A contracted-out reconciliation checklist

    Hot on the heels of the first tranche of guidance on GMP reconciliations from the Pensions Administration Standards Association (PASA), I thought that I would take a stab at drafting my own service provider benchmarking checklist for pension schemes  ..

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    The Uniqueness Fallacy

    Growing Pains Individuality seems to be something that nearly all tortured teenage souls strive for, but rarely obtain. Strangely enough, the same principle applies to pension scheme datasets, where unique identifiers for member records are frequ ..

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    2015 Year in Review

    This year has been host to some surprising events, such as the discovery of liquid water on Mars and Donald Trump leading the Republican presidential nominee polls. After the surprise announcement of Freedom and Choice in Pensions in the April 2014 b ..

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    GMP Reconciliations – a great big ‘rip-off’ or value for money?

    On average there is a substantial amount of dedicated time and effort required to complete a GMP reconciliation exercise, it being one of the most laborious projects undertaken for any scheme. Often there are extensive mismatches between administ ..

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