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    Veratta announces Mantle® Investment Risk Management

    By Mike Selby on Thursday, October 22, 2015

    Veratta, the specialist pensions data management and software firm, today announced a new enhancement to its award winning actuarial and pension scheme administration software, Mantle*.  The new Investment Risk Management module is an investment portfolio optimisation tool, revolutionising the investment strategy decision making process allowing schemes to explore investment strategies and seek out the strategy that best meets their own unique funding objectives.

    Commenting, Monica Cope, CEO at Veratta said; “Asset Liability Modelling has traditionally produced unpredictable and often confusing results. Developing effective and appropriate investment strategies for Defined Benefit (DB) pension schemes requires the right data, analysed and presented in the right way. This means accurate and up to date funding positions, clear objectives, and a robust method for modelling the uncertainty associated with future economic and demographic events.

    “We have built upon the existing Mantle functionality to transform the investment strategy decision making process - enabling discussions and framing problems with a peerless level of insight. The model allows schemes to define their own strategic objectives and, based upon these objectives, Mantle models the effects of tens of thousands of potential investment strategies in 1000 future economic scenarios. The results of the analysis seek out optimum asset allocations that provide schemes with the best chance of meeting their objectives while at the same time managing scheme-specific or sponsor-related risks.”

    Cope added; “We are really excited about this new feature. The right investment decision making is vital to a scheme’s, and therefore its members, financial wellbeing. The Investment Risk Management module puts the very best investment strategy decision making tools at the disposal of every DB pension scheme, regardless of size, giving smaller schemes the same level of access and investment sophistication as their larger counterparts.”

    * Mantle is a proprietary pension scheme administration and actuarial valuation system that provides accurate, daily actuarial valuations, and fully automated administration processing in a single integrated system.

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